Urban Clearing Sale

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Date - 07/10/2012

Urban Clearing Sale

A/C Drs Graham & Teresa Chataway


Sunday 7th October


10.00am Start


20 Erobin Street, Cleveland Qld 4163

Important Information:

  • Bid card system photo ID requried. (NO ID NO BID CARD)
  • Payment in cash, cheque or eftpos available on day of sale only
  • Full Clearing Sale terms & conditions will be displayed on day of sale

House for Demolition:

  • Demolition bidders to be registered permit holders
  • Demolition items if demolition bid fails- lights, gas stove, range hood, electric stove, dishwasher, double sinks, internal silky oak sliding doors.


  • Paintings including Noosa watercolors circa early 1950s
  • Silky oak chemist security cabinet
  • Antiques tables & writing bureau
  • Vintage Kelly double bit axe with 4 1/2 lb head
  • CSR cane sugar tablet box 56 lbs
  • The Princess Mary 1914 Christmas gift box
  • Snuff box antique Indian brass finely detailed


  • Bottles: Watson Ferguson ink, Champions vinegar, Long John Distillers, Glasgow, Taylors Elliotts earthenware, Green 31cm Tooths Beer Bottle Champagne base embossed with pictorial horse Invicta (The rampant stallion) the flag of Kent circa 1929s/30s (See Powerhouse collection 86/3625) in excellent condition.
  • Antique chairs
  • 1940s/1950s school desks
  • Collectors books: classis early works on Australian Agricultural industry/topography/settlement.
  • Large quanity of glassware, plates, silverware, vintage household artefects
  • Various types of rectangular/round tables, inluding Moree shearers table
  • Vinage glasses, vases, cups and saucers, glassware, plates, cutlery
  • Vintage cameras, clothing
  • Two coppers
  • Old milk buckets
  • Tins
  • Old woodworking tools including- Chisels, oil stones, hand saws/back saw/nest of compass saws/plier saw-set, jack plane, grinder, beechwood spokeshave, small vintage vise, plain brace/ratchet brace/plain centre bit/screw auger bits, including Jennings & Gedges pattern/gimlet bits/screwdriver bits, screwdriver London pattern, tri square, calipers, marking gauge, adjustable bevels, pein/claw hammer heads, pinchers, pliers, files ranging from dead smooth cuts to float cuts to rasp cuts, old hacksaws including pistol grip, ferrules, axe heads including double bit Kelly, 4+ head, spirit levels (wood & aluminium), jaw vice, bits (Jennings pattern, ventre flat quick-bore type), power tools (parts only), DeWalt drop saw/6″, banksaw, lathe, mortise chisel, metal/wood tool boxes, pod nails, large collection of T hinges/strap hinges/hook and ride hinges.
  • Quanity sandpaper including replacement belts of various sizes
  • Camp ovens & boilers
  • Milk cans with lids
  • Bellow & fireplace tools & grill
  • Iron/galvanized storage bins/toolboxes
  • Mother pot irons
  • Mixing bowls
  • FJ Holden hubcap

Natural Woodcraft:

  • Display pedestal/Plynths (Assorted timber types)
  • Large range of natural wood creations including trays, cutting boards, dishes
  • Natural wood designs & unique woodcraft
  • Quantity wood blocks for woodworkers/Mens shed eequipment & supplies
  • Timber slabs (rough sawn/fully sanded) ironbark posts, recycled timber
  • Lathe timber blocks

Landscaping Materials:

  • Crown stove
  • Large quantity of recycled timber (ironbark 4 x 2, ironbark posts, Tympie messmate)
  • Sheep fence panels
  • Old farming equipment
  • Large/small petrified wood
  • Vintage tractor wheels
  • Wheels of many types, including Lister
  • Driftwood
  • Solar panel 1.4 x .7

Fishing Gear:

  • Abu Garcia baitcasting reel
  • Shimani aerocast 3010
  • Daiwa long cast
  • Quantity lures suitable for around Australia conditions
  • Double swag in excellent condition
  • 4 Person tent


  • Spring back folders
  • Variety of office supplies
  • Flat tope suspended filing system
  • Computer micro-shuttle
  • Office furniture including stationary computer table


  • Large quantity of household furniture
  • Outdoor timber furniture
  • Large collection of established hanging plants and advanced garden plants
  • Bookshelves
  • Wardrobes
  • Single beds
  • Binoculars
  • Turntable
  • GME Electrophone TX3000
  • Blue tongue air pump
  • 4WD exhaust jack
  • Esprit Expander 220 Home Gym 160kg user weight, easy removable weights, extra weights can be added easily, individual work stations for muscle isolation. All attachments included
  • Home brewing equipment
  • Old records.