Auction A/C Harry Howarth

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Date - 04/03/2017

Auction A/C Harry Howarth

Auction A/C Harry Howarth


Saturday 4th March, 2017


10.00 am start


Clifton Showgrounds, Wiedman Road, Clifton

Important Information:

  • Bid card system, photo ID required (NO ID NO BID CARD)
  • Payment in cash, cheque or eftpos on day of sale only, unless prior arrangements have been made with auctioneer. (Eftpos will attract a 2% fee)
  • The agent or owner will not be held responsible for any errors in description or quantities in any lot advertised or catalogued- although all care has been taken. Purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the quantity and description of all lots prior to purchase.
  • Full terms & conditions will be displayed at our mobile office on auction day.

Horse Tack etc:

  • full harness
  • back band chains & winkers
  • Hungarian Harness no traces (show quality)
  • Winkers (show quality)
  • pair of reins
  • Nylon draft halters
  • Hungarian bridle
  • brown leather halter
  • 266 x Nylon halters – 3 sizes
  • 104 x lead ropes
  • 83 horse bits – 4 styles
  • harness work books
  • synthetic Ammo saddle
  • old cart saddle
  • whip

Horse Drawn Carts etc:

  • slide
  • tyre with swindle
  • Bradford two wheeled cart (200 cm long, 145cm wide, 100cm high, shafts 190cm long 65cm wide, 80cm dia wheels)
  • Spindleback gig (suits heavy horse) (160cm long, 100cm wide, 105cm high, shafts 205cm long 65cm wide, 143cm dia wheels)
  • Dealers/Market cart (suits heavy horse) (155cm long, 110cm wide, 100cm high, shafts 180cm long 65cm wide, 133cm dia wheels)
  • Spindleback gig (130cm long, 100cm wide, 95cm high, shafts 180cm long 53cm wide, 113cm dia wheels, tract 130cm
  • Bradford cart (suits Gypsy cob) (183cm long, 137cm wide, 100cm high, shafts 183cm long 67cm wide)
  • Norfolk cart (suits cob or pony) (125cm long, 100cm wide, 90cm high, shafts 140cm long 55cm wide, wheels 105cm dia.


  • 17m diameter rubber lined round yard
  • cattle scales
  • spot welding machine
  • round bale feeder
  • pony cart saddle
  • coach lamps
  • 30 x 10lg bags wood flour
  • steel beam
  • sulky iron
  • cattle gear
  • show canes
  • large qnty 900ml horse shampoo
  • large qnty 1.9L horse shampoo
  • and much more


  • small brown & white cob
  • medium brown & white cob
  • large brown & white cob
  • small black & white cob
  • medium black & white cob
  • large black & white cob
  • small shire horse
  • medium shire horse
  • large shire horse
  • Travellers rest


(Round Yard & Horses can be viewed at 2 Mary Street, Clifton before 10 am the morning of Auction)

  •  Paddy – Part breed gypsy gelding, 15.2 hands, broke to ride & drive, foaled 2007.
  • Whiskey – Gypsy Cob gelding foaled in 2008 in France, 16.2 hands, broke to ride.