Lehmann Family Dairy Stage 1 Dispersal Sale

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Date - 27/07/2022

Lehmann Family Dairy Dispersal Sale

Lehmann Family Dairy Stage 1 Dispersal Sale


WEDNESDAY 27th July, 2022


10:00am Start


544 Hoya Road, Teviotville Via Boonah

or online bidding available at www.elitelivestockauctions.coma.au

The Lehmann Family offer for sale a herd of dairy cattle that have been mostly bred up over three generations of our family. We started using limited AI through the Harrisville Co Op when it was active. Helen learnt to AI almost 40 years ago and did all the AI for over 10 years. During this time, with the commencement of herd recording and the heifers Helen and Elma reared, was the beginning of the foundations of the herd we have today.

With various managers, and some bought in cattle, we continued to make herd improvements. Our next major change to improve our herd was just over 12 years ago with the commencement of the Semex Optimate programme and, under the watchful eye of Karen Yarnold, the gains have been significant.

We have continued with purebred lines of Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss. With Jersey bulls from reputable studs for mop up and some heifer mating we have numerous cross breeds from both these bulls and AI.

Our herd has produced just over 2,094,000L so far this financial year with a fat 4.46% and protein 3.59% and SCC 177.   Herd average is 8587 L/cow.

Our cows are vaccinated with 7in1, Pestigard, Botulinum and are blooded for tick fever. Booster vaccinations are due in October. Johne’s Disease Negative (JD Score 7)

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ALPA Livestock Terms and Conditions FEB 2017 (1)

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